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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Emotional intelligence research and child emotional intelligence

It has finally been acknowledged that ‘emotional intelligence’ is more important than IQ when it comes to ‘people skills’ - success in career, in personal and business relationships, and in raising fulfilled children.

Emotional intelligence is what enables us to have healthy, fulfilling and harmonious relationships. It is essential for friendships, families, communities, and organizations to function harmoniously. In fact, emotional intelligence ultimately drives democracy, international relationships, and even the way we relate to our natural environment. Emotional intelligence is crucial at every level of human relations: personal, family, communal and global.

New and groundbreaking emotional intelligence research has shown us that the first few years of life are of particular importance and long lasting consequence to our emotional health. Child emotional intelligence begins to develop in earliest childhood.

Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in parenting, for it helps us to respond appropriately to our children’s needs. For instance, our emotional attunement helps us to interpret our baby’s cries: when is it a tired cry, a hungry cry, a lonely cry or a scared cry? Emotional intelligence helps us to listen to our children with empathy, and to set clear boundaries of behaviour with them without punishing or shaming them. My new book: ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ which explores and explains current emotional intelligenceresearch and shows how 'child emotional intelligence' can be supported at each stage of early childhood emotional development.

I invite you to try my emotional intelligence test, it will help you to gain insight into your own emotional make-up and to understand more about what is meant by ‘emotional intelligence’.


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