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Counselling Services

Private Counselling - Northern Beaches area - Sydney Australia.
Telephone counselling - anywhere in the world.

Counselling and psychotherapy are intended to bring you increased self-esteem, and a greater capacity for aliveness, joy and pleasure. Counselling and psychotherapy open your heart to a far deeper appreciation of yourself, connecting you to your personal life-purpose, deepening your love of life and bringing more fulfilment to your work, family relationship.

Although most of us can claim to be ‘fine’ or ‘OK’ most of the time, many of us have some trouble accessing our feelings, and appropriately communicating our feelings and needs to others. Sometimes, we find it difficult to hear and understand the feelings and needs of important people in our lives, such as our partners, our children, our friends and our work colleagues. Our relationships suffer as a result. Any committed relationship, whether business or personal, requires a great deal of ‘emotionally intelligent’ communication — not just to stay ‘together’, but to remain vital and dynamic.

Life, with its pain and joys, could be considered a ‘big school’ for the emotions. Counselling and psychotherapy offer many ways to develop our emotional intelligence and relationship skills. To a significant extent, the emotional injuries of childhood that influence our relating can be healed with therapy.

Counselling/psychotherapy can help you resolve the following:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Parenting issues
  • Work, family relationship
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Trauma / stress
  • Substance addiction / recovery
  • Depression / anxiety disorder
  • Facing major life changes / Making new life choices
  • Blocks to creativity
  • Family relations

Counselling Options

1. Private counselling/psychotherapy (face to face)
Consultations at my office in Sydney’s northern beaches area - no referral necessary.
Make an enquiry.

2. Telephone Counselling
Telephone counselling services are available to Australian and international clients. Contact me to make an appointment time.

If you are from outside Australia, we can arrange a session convenient to our mutual time-zones. No telephone charges apply.



Robin Grille, private counselling services, northern beaches, sydney, australia
Robin Grille; father, psychologist, psychotherapist, author and musician.


To ask any questions about my private counselling and psychotherapy services, or to make an appointment, contact me at: robingrille@gmail.com


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