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Parenting For A Peaceful World

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Parenting For A Peaceful World by Robin GrilleRead ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ and learn:

1. the five stages of core emotional development in early childhood.
2. how your early childhood experiences have affected your emotionality, your behaviour and your relationships.
3. how to promote your children’s emotional intelligence so they can grow to have the most healthy and rewarding relationships with others, and fulfil their potential.
4. up-to-date research into child development, heredity vs environment
5. new understandings about the causes of childhood disorders (behavioural and psychological)
6. what leading-edge child-development research implies for early childhood education philosophy
7. new and exciting innovations in the philosophy of early childhood education
8. how child rearing practices have affected societies and international affairs throughout history.
9. how our child rearing choices can be the most powerful agents for positive social change and planetary healing.

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a health professional, or just seeking to better understand yourself and your relationships so you can heal and grow, this book is for you.

More acclaim for ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’:

"Stunning, absolutely fascinating! You'll never think about childhood the same way again..."
Sandy McCutcheon, ABC Radio National

‘I believe that the framework for change provided in Robin Grille’s book will become essential reading’.
Victor R Evatt
President, Australian Association of Infant Mental Health, NSW branch

‘Here is the 'how to do it' path to a fairer, more egalitarian society. If you aspire to a future of happy children raised in a happy society, this is the book for you. Passionate, eloquent, scholarly yet accessible--in a word, brilliant!’
Dr John Cunningham, Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, Australia

‘Robin’s reverence for children and sincerity about seeing their needs are met makes this a very important book. In particular, the practical childcare information in this book is not readily available to parents and carers. It is unfair for such information to be confined to academic realms - we need it now. Fortunately, Robin is able to present academic information in a readily accessible way.

Robin Grille does not “sit on fences” – his passion is compelling and convincing. I would love anyone who cares about, or who is entrusted with the care of children to read this book, to learn from it, and to help promote the vision of healthy children in a healthy world’.
Pinky McKay
author of: ‘100 ways to Calm the Crying’ and ‘Parenting By Heart’.

‘Reading ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ rekindled my desire to change how we treat children (and ourselves) and it excites me that Robin's vast knowledge and resources are now available in print’.
John W. Travis, MD, MPH,
co-author of Wellness Workbook, co-founder of Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children

Robin Grille’s book is filled with gems for anyone passionate about our future. This book should be required reading for all parents, politicians, social change activists, teachers, leaders and visionaries.
Kali Wendorf, editor, Byronchild magazine, Australia

What a marvellous parenting book! The message of Robin Grille’s book is instructive, timely, and vital. As well as for parents, politicians, and the public generally, ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ is a must read for anyone and everyone in the child development profession.
Stephen Juan, Ph.D. Faculty of Education & Social Work, The University of Sydney. Author and syndicated columnist.


Extract 1 - the 5 stages of core emotional development
Extract 2 - lessons from the history of childhood


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